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Board Members:

Dec 2006 Bob Kirkegaard was designated for Education’s Board. Kirkegaard has worked in K-12 training for 30 plus decades and it is presently superintendent of the Meade Area. He is a part of South Dakota of the School Directors. Kirkegaard continues to be a part of the North Central Organization at the national, express and local level. His B.S was obtained by him. Amount from South Dakota State University (SDSU), Brookings, and his M.S. Amount from State University, Aberdeen. He continued his education in the School of South Dakota (USD), Vermillion, where he acquired an Educational Specialist Level. Their term ends.

Mitchell, Sabers, was hired for the Table of Education in March.
Terry Sabers can be a lifelong citizen of South Dakota, developing up in outlying Salem as well as a citizen of Mitchell going back 42 years. Using the information accumulated being a graduate of the Accounting Method at the Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI) in 1975 he has been a crucial element in expanding the thing that was a 10 worker electrical company in to a corporation that’s 360 personnel. He is currently Co-Leader of Muth Electric based with practices across SD and in Mitchell.

Terry hasbeen an active member of statewide and local corporations, specially concerning Technological Knowledge. He is an active person in Directors’ Foundation Board. He was active in the Catholic Institution process as being a panel participant presently assists around the Mitchell Cornerstone for Catholic Training. Dec. 31, 2019 their phrase will terminate,.

Sioux Falls, Aguilar, was appointed towards the Table of Schooling 2016, in January. She acquired her bachelor???s stage from South Dakota’s College, majoring in Political Science and Sociology. Sue started her professional job in Newyork, possessing positions like cultural services supervisor, human resource exec, and a government-bond broker. In 1983 she returned to Sioux Falls. With several community agencies, leadership jobs have been held by her after that. In 1997, the citizen cause firm that passed the Sioux Falls School Capital Connection was chaired by Sue. Following this project, she was decided to serve on the Sioux Falls School Board. Sue has served as temporary representative of the Alzheimer’s Relationship executive director of the Helpline Middle and many recently interim director of the Family Visitation Centre Center. This season Sue was selected to a four year phrase to symbolize the people of the Region where she functioned as vice chair and couch of the Council. Susan???s term expires.

Aberdeen, Duncan, was appointed in December 1996 to Education’s Board. An alumnus of the School of South Dakota received a Ph.D plus a bachelor’s degree in Operation Knowledge in 1983. In Education in 2003. Duncan presently serves since the Dean of the Upper State University Millicent Atkins College of Knowledge. Her K12 coaching involves performing as being a business tutor that is extra subsequently being a K12 college counselor. Dr. Duncan was an associate professor of guidance at the University of South Dakota from 2006-15 at The University of South Dakota and also the manager of the USD Guidance and Mental Services Center.

An ongoing South Duncan hasbeen an active member of SD Guidance Links and the American and the SD School Relationship and has been recognized for her authority tasks in these organizations. She’s an associate of the State Advisory Panel. Dr. Duncan supported as leader of the panel. Her period ends in Dec. 31, 2016.

Fouberg, Aberdeen, was designated towards the Board of Training. Fouberg obtained her B.S. Accompanied in training by her professionals, devoted to assistance and therapy, from SDSU. Fouberg retired in 2002 after after teaching Language for 25 years in knowledge for 37 years and aiming An Alternative Solution Learning Centre for 12 years years. Fouberg was named South Dakota Educator of the Entire Year in 1994. Her term expires.

Scott Herman was hired in November 2015 for the Table of Education. Herman is really a member of the Rosebud Sioux Group and contains worked in schooling providing for 13 years as a tutor and four like a primary. Herman has been involved in tribal education in volumes that were several, including board participant at St. Francis Indian Institution residence school coordinator, and tribal education coordinator coordinator. Herman offered for eight years being a council member for your Rosebud Sioux Group and it is the tribal vice president. Dec. 31, 2016 their expression expires.

Huron, Hoyt, was appointed in April 1995 to Education’s Board. Presently, Hoyt can be an officer of the Faculty Foundation. She also assists on many non-profit forums within the Huron community and seats the Mayor???s Task Force to increase the tradition and celebration services and controls several real estate houses. Formerly, she offered on the Huron School/University Table of Trustees and was Chairman through the institution???s move from a church-related college to your private industry college. Hoyt was in establishing the overseas scholar program in the college critical and offered while the Global Student Specialist for over 10 years. Previously, she also offered around the Board of Directors of the Stores & Producers Bank. Hoyt gained her Business Administration from USD. Her expression expires in Dec. 31, 2017.

Rapid City, Jules Mathiesen, was hired 2011, in Feb towards the Panel of Knowledge. Jules provides as the Director of Technology and Innovation in Education (TIE), a local professional improvement organization based in Rapid City, SD. She believed management at tie-in 2008 following three years of progressively responsible work as an Education Specialist at TIE. Mathiesen started her academic vocation inside the Meade College center where she spent 8 years like art instructor and a senior high school research. She has also worked as being an adjunct faculty member in the college-level so that as a summer instructor in the Bound software. In 2003, Mathiesen was accorded a Leadership Fellowship. Later and although around the fellowship she learned at University in the Academic Technology doctoral plan acquired her Ed.D out of this institution. Dec. 31, 2016 her phrase may terminate,.

Watertown, Deborah Shephard, was employed towards the Board of Training 2015, in January.
Shephard retired in June 2014 after providing while the president of River Area Technical Institute since 2006. She’d been used in various capacities at LATI since 1978, including coach, registrar, therapist and vice president. She is currently consulting and adjunct training. Shephard features a Bachelor of Technology amount from a master’s in training from South Dakota State University as well as the University of South Dakota. Her masteris specific in employees, assistance and guidance solutions. Shephard is also a part of the Neighborhood U Planning Board, Watertown Step Government Affairs Panel along with the Rotary Membership. Her period may terminate Dec. 31, 2018.

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